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-1 Chapter Chat #1 Communication Competence in Groups Just the Facts Types of Communication Ÿ Verbal Communication Ÿ Language is symbols for sharing meaning Ÿ The meanings of the words depend on common agreement Ÿ Many words can have more then one meaning Ÿ Different cultures or age groups can have different meanings for the same word 1. Bypassing - assume everyone has the same meaning for the word Ÿ Nonverbal Communication Ÿ Body language Ÿ Ambiguous - one word, expression, or body language could have multiple meanings Ÿ It has a huge effect on what others in the group think of you Ÿ You are always communicating nonverbally even when you are not talking or trying to Communication Competence Ÿ We Oriented Ÿ No one member of the group in more important then the group Ÿ Collectivist vs. Individualist Ÿ Working as a group promotes success as an individual Ÿ The Rules Ÿ What you should or shouldn’t do in a specific context Ÿ Basic Rules 2. Be polite 3. Friendly pleasant 4. Don’t embarrass or belittle others
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Chapter chat #1.wps - Chapter Chat #1 Communication...

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