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-1 Chapter Chat #4 Developing the group Climate Just the Facts Constructive Competition Ÿ Constructive competition occurs when competition produces a positive, enjoyable experience and generates increased efforts to achieve without jeopardizing positive interpersonal relationships and personal well-being Ÿ Necessary Conditions Ÿ When winning is relatively unimportant. Ÿ When opponents are equally matched, allowing all participants a reasonable chance to win Ÿ When the rules are clear, specific rules that ensure fairness Ÿ All the conditions must be satisfied for constructive competition Description There are three main steps to become more descriptive Ÿ Use first person-singular language Ÿ Make descriptions specific Ÿ Eliminate editorial comments from descriptive statements Defensive vs. Supportive Communication Ÿ Defensive 1. Evaluation- negative -criticism, contempt and blame 2. Control - issuing orders, no input from group 3. Manipulation - hidden agendas 4. Indifference - little or no effort to listen in a group
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chapter chat #2.wps - Chapter Chat #4 Developing the group...

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