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The Commitments.wps - Team Building The Commitments shows...

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-1 Team Building The Commitments shows many of the key components of team building like choosing team roles, developing team identity, and working together to set common goals. The movie starts when Jimmy Rabbitte is approached at a wedding reception by two wedding singers asking him to manage a band that they are trying to put together. As Jimmy, Outspan, and Derek (the wedding singers) discuss the new band, Jimmy officially steps into the role of the leader of the newly formed team; Jimmy starts by discussing and setting new goals for the group. The charge or the task of the group is to become the hardest working band in all of Dublin playing the song of the people “soul”. After the three discuss the band and the music that they will play. Jimmy stars his new role in the group by recruiting members and holding auditions for parts in the band. Every band member that is eventually selected has a clear role in the band. The roles of the members are decided by each individual’s strengths. Jimmy is a born leader so he becomes the band manager; Deco has a great voice so he is selected for the lead singer. Everyone knows their role in the band and plays that part. The band would not work if everyone wanted to be the lead singer and no one wanted to play drums. Group
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The Commitments.wps - Team Building The Commitments shows...

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