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SOCY-WMST 1016-001 Syllabus0001 - Sex. Gender, and Society...

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Sex. Gender, and Society Spring 2008 MWF 1-1:50 HUMN 1B80 Instructor: Courtney McDonald Office: Ketchum 8 Office Hours: MW 12-12:50, MW 2-2:50 by appointment Email: courtney .[email protected] Course Overview: This course is designed to be an introduction to the sociological study of sex and gender. Both sex and gender are widely viewed by members of our society as natural products, the results of biology. These seemingly "natural" gender differences have been used to explain and justify gender inequality. We will challenge this essentialist assumption by using the theory of social constructionism to analyze the way in which sex and gender differences are results of social forces. Social constructionism posits that discourse, or the language we use to talk about something, creates our social reality. Therefore, I will consciously use language that reflects our implicit understandings of gender. A main goal of this course is to uncover how our ideas about femininity and masculinity are the products of social arrangements. Many social institutions place men at an advantage over women; however, I will attempt to demonstrate how men, too, can benefit from an understanding of gender as social, not biological. Additionally, we will examine how race/ethnicity, class, sexual identity, age, and other social positions intersect with gender. Course Readings: Text books are available at CU Bookstore *Renzetti, Claire M. and Daniel J. Curran. 2003. Women, Men and Society. 5 th Edition. *Segal, Marcia Texler and Theresa A. Martinez. 2007. Intersections of Gender, Race, and Class: Readings for a Changing Landscape.
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Class Attendance 5 Sociological Lab Papers Exam 1: Exam 2: Final Exam: 50 points 200 points (40 points each) 100 points 100 points 100 points Class Attendance: Class attendance will be worth 50 points. You will be required to sign an attendance sheet at the beginning of every lecture. You may miss up to five class periods without affecting your grade. For every absence over five, ten points will be deducted from your total score. There are no excused absences. Class missed for family emergencies, illness, car trouble, snow, missed alarm clocks, outbreaks of adult acne, hangovers, etc. will count as part of your five absences. Failure to sign the attendance sheet will also count as an absence. NO EXCEPTIONS! ! Please do not sign the attendance sheet for your fellow classmates. I will consider this cheating by both you and your classmate. You will both receive an F in the class and be turned into the Honor Code Council. Sociological Lab Papers: You are required to complete five sociological lab papers. Each paper is worth 40 points for a total of 200 points. These papers must be 2-3 pages typed, stapled, double spaced, 12-inch Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins. You will be graded on proper formatting,
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SOCY-WMST 1016-001 Syllabus0001 - Sex. Gender, and Society...

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