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class notes0002 - role(AngrQgyn,yi flexibility in gender...

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Unformatted text preview: role. (AngrQgyn,yi flexibility in gender roles and the unique combination of instrumental 'and expressive traits as influenced by individual differences, situations, and stages in the life cycle. ¥fije.reexedl person is born with something other than the "standard" male or female .~natomy. TUrner Syndrome-tfemales born with this are not the XX, XY. Individuals appear APf~l with. this but they have no ovaries. '"~;~.felt.~.~,- ,~ales with this have one or more extra X chromosomes. It SBrms small firm l>eestes ?-nd ensures a,IT.Iasculinephysical appearance. aMiiPen ins~~ . ort.~p\w'!,,,<~,!m:i..tion-, a genetic, inherited condition passed oug t e X chromosomes. Agenetic male is born with testes, but because of the body's inability to absorb testosterone, the estrogen influence £~~vails . ~$at,.~~~~;,~~~i genetic female with ovaries and a vagina develops externally as a male, the resu1t of a malfunctioning adrenal gland. Adrenal gland ,~fqduces androgen instead of androgen inhibiting cortisone. t~'''~~i~C~~R-f¥'J some males unable to convert testosterone to the ~ormone d~hydrotestorone. Also known as 5 alpha reductase syndrome. Have ~nternal male organs but a clitoris like penis, undescended testes, a labia-like scrotum, and a closed vaginal cavity. Girls grow into men at puberty. r~~~EJi~.J the opening of the penis, rather than being at the tip is located ~q~ewhere on th.e underside, glans, or shaft or at the junction of the scrotum. r~H!f,,a,d~nt;:~ty consists of a strong and persistant cross-gender tiq~J:ltl,fil::~~~~~ an J?r~s~nts discomfort about one' s assig:r:edsex. , , ., t,..~~"aJ poss~b~l~ty of numerous genders and mult~ple soc~al ~dent~t~es. Deconstruction of Sexuality Review Guide for Test #2!!! ~1~in9 terosexual Questionnaire What is point in assigning this reading? The poin in this assigned reading is to u~q~rstand in almost a comical way, typical some questions that are a~ked'to peop\e when they think they could be homo~e al. For example when they ask ...Do your p~rents know you are straight? In today' society it is al,m,ost;/thatsomeone is str,. ilight unless presented otherwise. The ypical script referr~ng to a hegemonic heierosexual couple is usually the "bes," way to go according to the belief that ~t is the "only" and RIGHT way. This quee/tionaiire bringfjup questions that shoul~,/be brought up sometimes to het¢rosexual couples but instead lay on homqBexual couples who according to facts are( experiencing less STD'S than heterosex~als and less marital problems as co~pared to heterosexual couples. / HoW is this an example of the heterosex'¥il privilege?- This is an example of hetero sexual I?rivilege because it describes all the ways in which the lifestyle of being a heterosexual even though, can be with problems, is still considered acceptable according to societies sta~9ardS~-B~?)IIY because it follows the idea that heterosexuals can address certain things in t ese questions but never are they enforced by political/~ecial forces.forces....
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class notes0002 - role(AngrQgyn,yi flexibility in gender...

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