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Cuban Missile Crisis.wps - Cuban Missile Crisis The World...

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-1 Cuban Missile Crisis: The World on the Brink of Destruction It has been almost forty-five years since those thirteen days back in October 1962. The world stood on the brink of a nuclear war as the Cuban Missile Crisis came to a climax. As the years pass, it becomes much more apparent how close we really came to total destruction. However due to the quick thinking and patients of President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and the men of EXCOMM a nuclear holocaust was avoided. The mounting tension between the Untied States and Cuba started in 1959 when Fidel Castro over threw Fulgencio Batista the dictator of Cuba. At first president, Dwight D. Eisenhower welcomed the new leader of Cuba, hoping for stability and reform through out Cuba. The U.S. was highly vested in Cuba, having a navel base at Guantanamo, low paid Cuban labor, and the majority of Cuba’s agriculture and industry was American owned, thus making Cuban affairs a priority for the U.S. government. Castro could do nothing about the problems plaguing Cuba without getting rid of American dominance. Castro began to seize American properties, which upset many American business owners. The CIA formed a plan to overthrow Castro using the mafia to assassinate him, and economic sanctions. Yet rather then weaken Castro, the hostility rallied Cubans behind him, cementing him as the leader of Cuba. Castro became bitter and extremely vocal of his disgust with the U.S. making him a potential ally to the Soviet Union. The CIA made one last plan to overthrow Castro by using Cuban exiles to invade Cuba start a revolt against the communist dictator. However Eisenhower was hesitant on the Idea and left the decision to execute the plan up to his successor, John F. Kennedy who had rallied against Castro in his election campaign. Kennedy blindly put the plan in motion
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somehow thinking the world would never find out about American involvement in the revolt. In April 1961, 1400 ill-trained Cuban exiles invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, there was no revolt and within two days over 100 were killed and 1200 surrendered. After the Bay of Pigs, Cuba
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Cuban Missile Crisis.wps - Cuban Missile Crisis The World...

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