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Caitlin Bartley SOCY 1006 SEe #032 The three personal course objectives as discussed in class deal with the areas of information, academics, and personal benefits. For the information about sexuality, I am looking forward to being more aware of human sexuality. I'm interested to learn about sexuality in a relationship and understand the importance of sex in a relationship. This is important to me because I have always been a person who has been worried about the consequences of sex, even though experimenting is something I have always been willing to do. Using the information I learn will help me in certain situations that I may have not known how to deal with without taking this course. The academic benefits from this course will help me with my skills in both of my majors. I am double majoring in communication and film studies and I believe that this course will help me improve in both of these different areas. People need to communicate to others what their sexual needs, desires, fears, and questions
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