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WMST-SOCY 1006 Syllabus0001 - .; SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF...

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Unformatted text preview: .; SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF SEXUALITY: WMST /SOCY 1006 Spring 2008 Please Note: This class no longer fulfills core curriculum requirements!!!! This course will only count as a Sociology elective. Instructors: Glenda Walden and Liz Schweigert Office: Ketchum 12 Email: Glenda.Walden@colorado.edu Phone: 303.492-5217/303.359-3234 for emergencies Office Hours: MW 1: 15-3pm, and by appt You are responsible for everything in this syllabus, your recitation syllabus, the texts, the course packet, and material covered in class. This includes knowing and managing due dates, changes in the tentative schedule, and assignments. The syllabus and all information in the course packet are testable materials. COURSE DESCRIPTION This is an introductory course in the sociological study of sexualities. We'll be examining human sexual desires, experiences, and meanings held in common in a historical and cultural context that takes into account larger trends and social influences. For the purposes of this course, the theoretical assumptions of social constructionism frame our inquiry and understanding of human sexual phenomena. Throughout the course we will read, discuss, and entertain ideas from queer, feminist, and radical perspectives on sexuality for the express purpose of challenging our taken for granted assumptions about "what's so." Through these controversial and sometimes difficult (emotionally as well as intellectually) readings and discussions, we will be engaging in a critical inquiry into the popular and scientific versions of sexual reality. We will also discuss the stratification system in contemporary US society where it intersects with our cultural assumptions and values regarding sexual identity and expression. We will be analyzing how this compares with our stated and generally agreed upon "American values" that include equality of respect and opportunity for all people and the belief that people deserve life, liberty, and the freedom to pursue happiness in a way that does not interfere with others' rights and liberties. In doing this we will be identifying instances of discrepancies between what we say (ideals) and how we act (real) as we structure our society through policies, practices, institutions, rituals, and social control at the collective level and in our individual everyday choices and interactions. The intention of this inquiry and the opportunity provided through the assigned reading material and the class discussions is in working toward alignment of our vision of a just society with our everyday actions. COURSE TEXTS AND RESOURCES Textbooks are available at the Campus Bookstore The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex by Cathy Winks and Anne Semans 2002....
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WMST-SOCY 1006 Syllabus0001 - .; SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF...

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