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EDDIE AIKAU - EDDIE AIKAU Chase Maher 1 Very few people...

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EDDIE AIKAU Chase Maher 1. Very few people come into this world and make an impact on society. Some may touch the hearts of thousands, some may save lives, and some may put their lives at stake to eventually be an inspiration to a new culture. A Hawaiian lifeguard by the name of Eddie Aikau did it all…with no hesitation. 2. The words Makua Hanai in Eddie Aikau’s full name means feeding parent, an adoptive, nurturing, fostering parent, in the Hawaiian language. As the first lifeguard at Waimea Bay on the island of Oahu , he saved many lives and became famous for surfing the big Hawaiian surf, winning several awards including the 1977 Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship . 3. Born on the island of Maui , Aikau was the third child of Solomon and Henrietta Aikau. Aikau first learned how to surf Kahului Harbor on its shore break. He moved to O ʻ ahu with his family in 1959 , and at the age of 16 left school and started working at the Dole pineapple cannery; the paycheck allowed Aikau to buy his first surfboard. In
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