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Professor DeFonzo April 15, 2008 Supplement Use In Baseball Steroids have taken the role of extensive media attention in several sports over the last ten years, but none more than baseball. Steroids contribute to the headlines of almost every sports show on television. Players are being sued, looked down upon, and some who may be worthy of the Hall of Fame may never make that speech. Arguments have aroused the several issues with illegal steroids, but there isn’t much focus on how Major League Baseball’s policy doesn’t allow some supplements that are legal and why congress is getting involved. Yes, steroids are illegal and should not by any means be consumed unless prescribed, but to shame on an athlete who is by far of age for taking legal supplements is just wrong and uncalled for. Baseball officials should be handling the supplement issue, not congress. Congress has more important things to do than to spend U.S. tax money to hold baseball athletes up in court. Baseball may be America’s sport, and Americans thrive off of excitement. This excitement began slowly drifting away after Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record by hitting sixty-two. There is nothing more thrilling than a home run in baseball, and no player knocked on the record’s door until 1998 when Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire smashed it, Sosa hitting sixty-six while McGwire slammed Seventy. In the article “Baseball and Steroids-The Controversy,” Bill Bathe testifies that suspicions of both players using supplements became a topic of the media. Though the supplements were legal, the players were tormented and their chance in the Hall of Fame weakened. McGwire was using Androstenedione and Sosa
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researchpaper - Chase Maher Professor DeFonzo April 15,...

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