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researchoutline - IV Steroid cases in the past A Mark...

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Chase Maher Professor DeFonzo April 7, 2008 Steroid Abuse I. Introduction: Steroids have taken a top priority in several sports over the last ten years. A. Football B. Baseball C. Track II. Some steroids that are legal to purchase are forbidden in sports. A. Is this ok? B. Should HGH be allowed in sports? C. Does every athlete have access? III. Is there any benefit from steroid use? A. Are games more exciting? B. Is it cheating? C. Will fans still have respect for their hero’s?
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Steroid cases in the past. A. Mark McGuire B. Sammy Sosa C. Roger Clemens D. Barry Bonds E. Michael Johnson V. Rebuttal A. Steroids could have a plus side for sports. B. Sports and excitement C. Record breaking results D. Franchises could create their own steroid. VI. Conclusion A. Steroids aren’t OK B. They demean the sport. C. Some think it will be legal in the future, but that doesn’t mean it is now....
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  • Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Home Run Derby, Roger Clemens, A. Mark McGuire B. Sammy Sosa C. Roger Clemens D. Barry Bonds, Steroid Abuse I.

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