Assignment_11 08 - Physics 214 Assignment 11 Concepts:...

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Physics 214, Spring 2008 1 Cornell University Physics 214 Assignment 11 Concepts: Diffraction by a single slit Photoelectric Effect Diffraction by N slits Resolution Photons Reading: Y&F, Vol. 2, Chapters 35, 36 and 38 Assignment: Due Thursday, April 17. Please turn in this sheet stapled to the top of your work. Physics Problems: 1. Y&F, Chapter 35, Problem 35.28 2. Y&F, Chapter 35, Exercise 35.54 3. Y&F, Chapter 36, Exercise 36.18 4. Y&F, Chapter 36, Problem 36.59. Add (d) Sketch phasor diagrams for the intensity maxima at φ = π /8, 3 π /8 and 5 π /8. Which of these corresponds to an intensity maximum? 5. Y&F, Chapter 36, Problem 36.67 6. Diffraction limits and resolution. (a) The beam from a red laser pointer with λ =650 nm is 2 mm in diameter as it exits the laser. Roughly how big will the laser spot be on a screen 20 m away? (b) What diameter primary mirror must the NSA have on a spy satellite in low-earth orbit (300 km up) in order to be able to read the letters on a license plate (about 20 cm high)? Assume λ =500 nm. (c) What size mirror would you need to resolve an Earth-sized planet around the nearest star, about 4 light years away? Assume
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Assignment_11 08 - Physics 214 Assignment 11 Concepts:...

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