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Essay for COMM - Garrett Grenier Comm Studies Prof Spry...

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Garrett Grenier Comm. Studies Prof. Spry Reaction Essay 1 Throughout my life, I am sure I have met many people of integrity. Whether it be my coaches, teachers, professors, neighbors, or friends. Of all those people one person sticks out in my head the most. My mother Agnes Grenier. She displays characteristics of Integrity every day. She is a very honest and forthright lady, she speaks her mind and also takes time to let others do the same. I also notice the time she takes out of her day to help my family. Whenever my little sister has a question on her homework, my mom takes the time to sit down and help her not only find the solution, but to understand how to reach that solution. Even at work she displays integrity. She is a very wholesome person. Good to the customers, willing to work on things “off the clock,” and always taking time out of her schedule to do things with a very special co-worker who struggles with cancer. I often try to mirror her actions so I can be more like her, become a person of integrity. Also throughout my life I have encountered many people who struggle with
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course CMST 192 taught by Professor Woodbury during the Fall '08 term at St. Cloud.

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Essay for COMM - Garrett Grenier Comm Studies Prof Spry...

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