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Democracy for the Few Paper

Democracy for the Few Paper - Grenier 1 Garrett Grenier...

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Grenier 1 Garrett Grenier Pollution in the U.S. SOC. 195 Prof. Armstrong
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Grenier 2 In this paper I hope to shed some light on the topic of pollution in the U.S. This paper is meant to debate the topic of renewable energy and whether it will be worth the cost or not. This issue builds upon Parenti’s discussion about pollution for profit. I am going in a different direction but the topic is still the same, pollution is a problem and we need to do something to fix it. As Parenti states “Every year industry dumps over a billion pounds of toxins, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and hundreds of other noxious substances into our environment.” “Corporations do this not because they want to sicken people and destroy the planet, but because they want to minimize costs and maximize profits.” (Parenti. Pg 106) The articles I selected first discuss how renewable energy will not prevent pollution, and the other one talks about how transitioning to a new energy source will reduce our dependency on oil. The first article is written by Jerry Taylor entitled “Renewable Energy Is Expensive ad Will Not Prevent Pollution.”
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