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Galen Center column - Three years ago the new Galen Center...

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Three years ago, the new Galen Center opened its doors to a wave of enthusiasm and a world of promise. Three years later, the label “new” no longer applies, and that’s a problem. No matter how you spin it, having the word “new” associated with your existence is a win-win situation. New creates buzz. New draws visitors. Perhaps most importantly, new suggests that improvements still need to be made – new begets a grace period. But when new is taken away, you better have more adjectives waiting in the wing to take its place. Unfortunately for Galen Center, the trial period is over and the feel-good words just aren’t there. USC fans and administrators alike can no longer call it new, and the collective inability to find a suitable replacement conjures bad memories of third grade English class. You could call it state-of-the-art, but there’s really nothing unique about the place. You could call it architecturally impressive, but then you walk inside and wonder what happened. You could call it a sports Mecca, but if USC’s basketball and volleyball programs are being compared to religious icons, then we’re all blasphemes. Perhaps we should just call it as it is – a disappointment. Galen Center was over budget from the start and has been under capacity ever since. Considering the university’s egregious inability to keep the $140 million Center anywhere close to its original budget –
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Galen Center column - Three years ago the new Galen Center...

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