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dictionary exercise0001 - Marissa Jaross Eblen: 3060-04

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Unformatted text preview: Marissa Jaross Eblen: 3060-04 "Passing" Dictionary Exercise Pg.156 "And the next day's Friday when I'll be going away for the week-end, Idlewild, you know. It's quite the thing now." Idlewild, Michigan was a popular vacation spot established in the early 1920' s during segregation. Middle class African-American families visited the lake area all year round, but mostly in the summer to get away from the Midwestern and Northeastern heat (Wikipedia, Idlewild). Irene Redfield invited Clare Kendry to come up to Idlewild with her to relax when they met, but Clare refused on the premise that it just wouldn't do. Later in the story, it is revealed that Clare could not associate with Negroes with her husband's knowledge. Pg.197: '" It's the N.W.L. dance,' she explained, 'the Negro Welfare League, you know. I'm on the ticket committee, or, rather, I am the committee ... ,,, The fictional Negro Welfare League (NWL) may have been mirrored on the National Urban League founded in 1918 as a way to advance African Americans and fight discrimination. In the text, the NWL serves as Irene's social scene, allowing her to have some semblance...
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dictionary exercise0001 - Marissa Jaross Eblen: 3060-04

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