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Unformatted text preview: Marissa Jaross 3020-004 19 February 2008 Read the first 71 pages of Franny & Zooey very carefully and respond to each question in one or two short but well-written paragraphs. In the "Franny" section, read the descriptions of Lane Coutell. What does Lane Coutell stand for? What does he represent for Franny? What does he represent for you? Lane Coutell is the epitome of the Ivy League Man. He is impervious to weather, judgment, and criticism, and has a collected sense about him that only a man accepted by Yale can. To Franny, he must represent the perfect match. With her seven sisters education and apologetic demeanor and the time period in which the novel takes place, Franny was most likely going for her MRS degree. The two are from similar backgrounds and socioeconomic environments, making their match socially acceptable (albeit passionless and boring). , As a public university student, Lane represents the unattainable to me. Everything in his life is ~ ~'#- taken care of, so all he has to worry about are existential theories and whether poetry is very poetic or not. j : He also represents a sort of 1950's stereotype ofthe post war, upper echelon educated elitist man with the ~J:,V\.\' entire world at his fingertips. ~l' 2. Consider the surname "Glass" as a symbol and/or allusion. List at least three different ways we can consider the word "glass" and then explain what .../ ..-i.J..,... significance "Glass" migh.t have on the narrative? r ~ t . + ~h;u.40l;1~~a--oL~~~ ~'5 3- W~I . 0'P;>~ Glass is irefle6tive surface, possIbly reflecfing a character's true nature. It can also be see through fa9ade that represents a transparentpersonality. Because Zooey was so intimately studied as a preteen, it may be that he feels like everyoo' can see right through him. Glass could also be interpreted as an easily shattering material. The Glasses were a family in the spotlight with two dead children and five surviving ones. In a way, their family has been sha~ed by the deaths. t>f'~vJV 3. Think about Franny's letter to Lane and Buddy's letter to Zooey. Do you see any similarities between these two correspondences? Differences? List at least two 1 similarities and two differences and explain. '\o~ (J.,.{,L. ~\fSlA.~~ Obviously written before computers, both letters were meant to be hand written in a stream of consciousness manner. Franny acknowledges mistakes with her grammar when she says, "I have no idea if you will be able to decipher this ... " and Buddy acknowledges his when he states, "The paragraph should v( close, but I can't stop muttering." They seem to be preoccupied with the style of writing and less with the ; content - each makes incredible detours in the writing itself, as if to perpetuate the need to say what is really on their minds....
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questions and answers0001 - Marissa Jaross 3020-004 19...

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