quiz0002 - NameJ\\[}.f'\ 55L\ ~w-os5 \ \ 1.) In the...

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Unformatted text preview: NameJ\\[}.f'\ 55L\ ~w-os5 \ \ 1.) In the "Franny section, a "big weekend" is mentioned. What is associated with "the big weekend?" a. War is over. @The Yale game c. The Pope is visiting NYC d. Thanksgiving Day parade 2.) What does Lane take out of his jacket's inside pocket? a. a cigar b. a cigarette c. a muffler @) a letter 3.) Why is Lane so proud of himself? a. He has a new, stylish Burberry raincoat. CD his 'A' paper c. his attentiveness d. He attends Harvard University. 4.) What does Lane order for lunch? a. a chicken sandwich b. oatmeal (1!:') frogs' legs <r a grilled cheese sandwich 5.) What does Franny order for lunch? (!) a chicken sandwich b.. snails c. Oreos and milk d. ravioli 6.) During lunch Franny tells Lane, "I'm losing my mind ... I'mjust sick of .. " a. " Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" b. " you and your playboy attitude." c. " chicken." ((J.:.. " " \:::) ... ego, ego, ego. 7.) What's the title of the book that Franny is reading? a. The Day of the Partridge b. Pilgrim's Progress c. The Tibetan Book of the Dead ( ! ) The Way of a Pilgrim 8.) What does Franny do at the end of her section? a. She breaks up with Lane. She faints. c. She spills her martini on her little green book. d. She telephones her brother Zooey. / " ' \ g) lIhe narrator of the "Zooey" section refers to the story as ',,--_6~"a formal introduction." >. "a love story." c. "a prose home movie." d. .both b & c ~.- 10.) How do we learn about the other Glass siblings? ]"\;.(1)J\r.. ~Oc.)'2.~~5 ~\SL-..J S 5,O /\ wi f3p-:SSI ~ n .) Which Glass child committed suicide?-S-~-l _ M _ _ C :._ v_r _ 12.) Who wrote the letter that Zooey reads while in the bath? _r3_:::>_J_. _d_J_ '-1~------------ 13.) Who is Bessie? IN.. (, ~"" ~.s- fvt~-N\' o -.J L .o -....
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quiz0002 - NameJ\\[}.f'\ 55L\ ~w-os5 \ \ 1.) In the...

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