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assignment #100001 - Brittany Poyer 4/6/07 Melanie 9 am...

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Brittany Poyer 4/6/07 Melanie 9 am Recitation Assignment #10: 1. The F ratio is significant because after looking in the chart in the book, with alpha level .05, the fvalue needed to be significant was 3.35- our fratio was 10.88. 2. The f ratio does not tell us what means are significantly different from each other, it tells us how some means are significant different, but we are unsure exactly of which ones. 3. The means for the three tests: a. 30 minutes-75.60 b. 45 minutes-84.70 c. 60 minutes-92.40 4. The three possible mean differences are the comparisons between 30 minutes versus 45 minutes, 30 minutes versus 60 minutes, and 45 minutes versus 60 minutes. The mean differences associated with the three comparisons are: a. 30 min vs 45 min (75.6-84.7)=9.1 b. 30 min vs 60 min (92.4-75.6)=16.8 c. 45 min vs 60 min (84.7-92.4)=7.7 5. (3-1)=2, F value =3.35, Mean square error=64.996, n=10. After calculating the Scheffe value using the formula in the text, we came up with 9.33. Any value greater than 9.33 in this case, would be considered significant 6. Using Scheffe, the mean differences that would be considered significant are 30 min and 60 min since the value was 16.8 (greater than 9.33). The others were less '" 2.- than 9.33, making them not significant. \'I~ to•••• ~~L 7. Add the means of 45 min and 30 min (75.6+84.7) and divide by two to get the average which was 80.15. You take 80.15 and subtract it from the 60 minutes mean (92.4-80.15)=12.25. When we compare 12.25 with the Scheffe value, we found it to be significant because it was greater than 9.33. 8.
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assignment #100001 - Brittany Poyer 4/6/07 Melanie 9 am...

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