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James O'Connor - They are logical, very well developed, and...

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Lauren Chambers Dr. Cohn SOCI 205-970 17 March 2008 James O’Connor’s Fiscal Crisis of the State The writings of Karl Marx are among some of the most influential in human history. Indeed, Das Kapital is actually discussed in depth Robert Downs’ Books that Changed the World . Today we have concluded that a good deal of what Marx wrote can be thrown out completely; however, some of the ideas he discussed in his writings are of enough relevance that several generations of sociologists and political economists have made careers of revamping such ideas in the creation of a new form of political ideology—Neo-Marxism. Among such people is James O’Connor. In The Fiscal Crisis of the State , he presents his own Neo-Marxist ideology, discussing numerous aspects of America’s fiscal state, with his primary thesis being, “The state grows because it grows” (xv). Positive Critique All in all, the arguments O’Connor presents in his book are good.
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Unformatted text preview: They are logical, very well developed, and lacking in no way sufficient detail and explanation. One argument which I found compelling has to do with taxation and how it is divided among the masses. With particular relevance as we draw closer to yet another Tax Day, the truth of his argument, one written thirty-five As the monopoly sector expands, it may not always require larger investments in infrastructure because of developments in technology. A good example is expanding companies like Microsoft. All the infrastructure for this would be in universities. Another would be movie rentals and movie theaters. Most of this is being done over the internet so you do not need infrastructure like highways to get customers to the theater or local Blockbuster. Negative Critique Of all the arguments OConnor presents in his book, there is one main argument with which I disagree....
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James O'Connor - They are logical, very well developed, and...

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