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fall 2006-Exam 10001 - IPHY2800 Introduction Fall 2006 Exam...

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IPHY2800 Introduction to Statistics Fall 2006 - Exam I Fill in your full name and student id on the answer sheet, including bubbles. Use only a #2 pencil and erase completely if you change an answer. Fill in the entire circle you select, do not use small circles or Xs. Make no stray marks or notes - if you fill in two or more circles, the question will be scored as incorrect. Do not bend, fold, tear, staple, or make any holes in the answer sheet. 1. You have developed a new method for measuring bone mass density, so you compare the results of your new method to those obtained using traditional methods. This is an example of testing the _____ ofyour new method. A. validity B. reliability C. objectivity 2. Which of the following is an example of a to-va_r_ia_b_le-:] ~~~ ~~~ u VCUUu A. number of players on a basketball court during a game B. sex in a study of women suffering from breast cancer C. the mathematical term, Pi D. number of students who take statistics each semester 3. The Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) most likely measures aptitude on what type of scale? A. nominal B. ordinal Y£,LYI l H' g C. interval .:::. LlVll"h I hO CLI? O. rati 0 In+e.NV OJ s Cl.LlO I =- ZQ.rV 4. When we sample representative subjects from all fifty states in the US to gather information, the data we collect can be used to estimate ____ about the whole country. A. parameters O'l <u1l t,;\t,V\\'\1(. . 0 -t- -eYrh~ [email protected]\ B. statistics+tllJ l4?Du+ 0.t;L1VtAple. C. a population O. variables 5. You interview 1000 subjects and ask them how many days per week they go to the gym to workout. The best way to organize such data would be: A. rank order distribution ~Y\'1IJlc~ Y1U1qe,+cw d.oJ--ru B. simple frequency distribution Sm\ YRYlql?) lohda.h
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fall 2006-Exam 10001 - IPHY2800 Introduction Fall 2006 Exam...

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