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IPHY 2800-3 Syllabus0001 - IPHY 2800-3 Introduction to...

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IPHY 2800-3 Introduction to Statistics Spring 2007 Instructor Dr. Dale Mood Teaching Assistants Melanie Connell and Lindsay Edwards Office Phone Office Hours Email Office: Clare Small 102 Office Phone 735-4149 Office Hours: 3-4 PM M+W and other times by arrangement Email: mood@buffmail.colorado.edu 2:00-2:50 PM Lecture Variable recitations F Location MCOL W100 CLRE 111 Purpose of the Course The purpose of the course is to provide you with the skills necessary to interpret and perform statistical techniques appropriate for data in integrative physiology. You will learn how and when to apply descriptive, correlational, inferential, and non-parametric statistical techniques and how to use relevant statistical computer software. Approach This class will be taught primarily through lectures and recitations. The recitation sections will generally involve discussions and computer assignments. Method of Instruction You will be expected to have read the relevant text material and any handouts PRIOR to presentation in class or recitation. You should utilize the office hours of the instructors when necessary. You will be responsible for materials presented in class and the text- it may sometimes be unique to one or the other. Tests There will be two examinations during the semester and a final examination during finals week. The final will be cumulative. Grades The grades for the class will be determined on the basis of performances on the two semester exams (25% each), the final examination (30%), and written and computer assignments (20%). Text Statistics in Kinesiology, Vincent, William, 3rd edition, Human Kinetics, 2005. Other eadings will be assigned. A Lecture Outline, Handouts, Practice Problems and Computer Assignments packet is also required and available at the bookstore. You will also need to purchase an iClicker for the course. .
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Additional Information 1. Cheating or any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Any infraction will result in the appropriate penalty as imposed by University policy, such as receiving an F for an exam or the course. According to University policy, any incident of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and put into the student's record. 2.
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IPHY 2800-3 Syllabus0001 - IPHY 2800-3 Introduction to...

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