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class notes0001 - , ~lvlL~ ( , 1 '1' a.,f

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Unformatted text preview: , ~lvlL~ ( , 1 '1' a.,f e\.""",... . ~l.-I(~ \/ t? f\ \ A : ~ ' S~ English 3377 e..-"f-S< G~ Lee, Spring 2007 Paper 1: The first paper is due on Friday, February 16. The required length is 3-4 pages, double spaced with standard margins (1 inch). Make sure that you have at least 3 full pages and don't skip a line between paragraphs. Since this is a short paper take care to keep your argument focused and specific. Limit your study to specific sections, and generate evidence tlupugh close- ~,.J reading. Keep the following in mind as you work on this paper: (0; /'cf'" ~ ~ ~ ~f(....- Make sure that your argument is in fact an argument. It should not be an observation, an elaboration of a theme, a character analysis, or a book review. To have a clear, cogent argument, you need to begin with a dear, pointed thesis. Make your thesis concise, and avoid general statements. Do not leave the reader asking, "why," "how," or "in what way." You may even want to begin your thesis statement with "I argue .... " Define your key tenns. But do not quote the dictionary! For instance, if your argument concerns masculinity, define how you understand masculinity. And that working definition should be clearly connected to your argument. Each paragraph should state a single point that advances the thesis; you need to actively connect your point to your larger argument rather than merely imply the connection.connect your point to your larger argument rather than merely imply the connection....
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class notes0001 - , ~lvlL~ ( , 1 '1' a.,f

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