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poetry and literature0001 - 0rtuVi" ~Vt-I J~a '5...

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Unformatted text preview: 0rtuVi" ~Vt-I J~a '5 'BYtk/~/ lA- ~krJt ~ ..1"ht NQ,vv He~h~ I '- . I--- iMiro .1 ",... l l l i l U r 14 c " u Border field Park co,,,. b,"hoM. " .g an Eaer Sunday resurrection of the brown blood in my veina. Oigo .lllot'itJo "I_'.. 1'O.p;ro dol.wo. my hean surges to the beat of the 1 f t . In the gray haze of the sun the gulls' shrill cry of hunger. . . the tangy smell of the sea seepIng ,nto me, I walk through the hole in rhe fence to the other side. Under my fingers I feel the gritty wire rusted by. 139 years of the salty breath of the sea. Beneath the iron sky Mexican children kick their soccer ball across. run after it. entering the U.S. I press my hand to the eel curtain- . chainlink fence crowned with rolled barbed w,~ rippling from the sea where Tijuana touches San DIego unrolling over mountains and plaina and deserts, this "Tortilla Cunain" turning into 01"0 G,."" flowing down to the flatlands of rho. Magic Valley of South Texas its mouth emptying inco the Gulf. 1.950 mile-long open wound Jividing a 1'blo. a culture. running down the length of my body. staking fence rods in my flesh. splits me splits me m . ,.",. "I' ,..;. Elol'O Mlxico ,_ "" homo. cO"IInU40 01o'/hI&'(J o . 10,_ ho .UJo 10tTilo,;0""Cio""'- E.,I olo./an%o " lotio. "_11'0. he,.",,,,,o. Y ""' 011 riu"o. '" h JJUJo P'Ogroll"'.-Los Tillres del None' "!heAr/ourtlol"o.,o ... compose the largesrsingJe tribe or nation of Anishinabeg <Indians) found in the Unired States today .... Some caU themselves Chicanos and see themselves as ~ple wh.,.., true homeland i. Aadin (the U.S. SouthwestJ"z Wind tUllli", at my sleeve feet sinking into the sand 1 stand at the edJe where eanh touches ocean where the tWo overlap . a gentle cominll to&erher at other times and places a violent clash. Acrau the border in Mexico stark silhouette of houses gutted by Wave. cliff. crumblinll into the sea silver waves marbled wi~h spume gashing a hole under the border fence. l The Homeland. AzrUn I EJ aIm Jfixieo Th;' is "" !lame ,his tooudp at barbw ... But the skin of the eanh is seamless. The sea cannor be fenced. .1 ",., does not srop ar borders. To show the whire man what she thought of his arropnce, Ye""'Y. blew that wire fence down. This land was Mexican once. was Indian always and is. And will be again. Yo soy "" Pile",. lentlitlo dol mantlo gJJ4&ho .J till ",oj""". 10 1' ",. ellir. p,,' "r41 y 10 P'OJefll. p,,' do14"'e. Q 14 V irxe" do GlNIMJtIf1e czUtU Ay "y "y. JOY",exic do .".1""", The U.S. -Mexican border "'" horiti. .bio" ... heft the Third Worktxn_a the fiacand ~ And before a scab forms it hemorrhages again, rho.lifeblood of two worlds mergins to form a third country-a border culture. Borders are ser up to define the places that are safe and unsafe, to distinguish I I I from ;he",. A border is a dividing line. a narrow strip along...
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poetry and literature0001 - 0rtuVi" ~Vt-I J~a '5...

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