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questions and poem0001

questions and poem0001 - Please discuss the following...

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Please discuss the following questions concerning Julia Alvarez's How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents. Thoroughly discuss the issues as well point out specific examples from the book that support your points. Keep note of the points and the examples, for we will be discussing these questions as a class this Friday and Monday. I'll largely look to you to point out sections of relevance, which we will spend time on close-reading and scrutinizing with critical depth. I. This book is largely about familial bonds: mother-daughter; father-daughter; sister-sister. Dis~~s the ways in ~hich these relationships are played out in the novel. T.Owhat extent are . \ , ~ jnds nurturing or Mrmful? ~ - G l y-(~ (<»,- ""fu-c ;-:;~.}u,r J',,'')) ,9) G: <), ~ ~ ) I :- lS -h:> ~ ~~ Siz?l/~ .•• J~') r)t. C h~ , ;Yti (\v,<(JbJU~'PY\ VVo~, _.~ PLf~ JJ~ i~ O\-ur~ . J_ ~ \.J.JA()} ~~- p. 3\ t:,..oVJL ld--t'~(f~61\\ I"'-~ I.~ 2. As we discussed in dass, the form of the novel highlights the importance of the pastas a structuring principle of the present. To what extent does the past of each character (as you progress through the novel) inform their present (the beginning part of the novel)?
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