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Social Stratification - Social Stratification Social...

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Social Stratification Social Stratification - Scientific Study of Social Inequality Covers all kinds of inequality—financial, poverty, racial, ethnic, and gender Topics close to religion We start dealing with discrimination Data support neither liberal nor conservative orthodoxies All comfortable positions are wrong. Awesome Causes - many come from purposeful actions of white people to restrict the activities of other groups; some comes from inequalities and failings within the competing groups Cynically, yes, the white guys cheating, and yes, the other guys put a bad team on the field. No one comes out a winner. Insisting on data and going evidence first, conclusion second, is absolutely the way to go with stratification studies. Once you start looking at the number, a lot of favorite theories fall apart. Not experimental data Running statistical tests on outcomes of labor market and education… Conservative Social Stratification Lecture General thrust- in the second model, the role of values in producing socioeconomic success and the greater concentration of those values in the upper class. Absence of sustained obstacles for high-IQ people to get to the top;
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Social Stratification - Social Stratification Social...

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