Phil 130 final review

Phil 130 final review - Phil 130 final 50 questions 2/3...

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Phil 130 final 50 questions – 2/3 weighted towards since the midterm, 1/3 before the midterm. True- false, multiple choice with 2 short answer questions 1 question that has to do with 1 st half of class and 1 with the 2 nd half of class. Quizzes, midterm, study questions and online question sets will help. (the most important points will be here) don’t reread everything. o Arguments: does the conclusion follow logically from the premises? Do you have good reason to believe the premises? Are they true? If we can say yes to these questions then we have a good argument. o Relativism vs. objectivism: Objectivism- there are some universally valid moral principles. Non-absolutist- there are exceptions – generally follow these rules. Absolutist- no exceptions (to objectivism rule) Relativism- there is no universally valid morality- conventionalism: morality is relative to culture or society. Subjectivism: morality is relative to the individual’s opinion or choice. Benedict- the anthropologist- different opinions to what is right or wrong, normal or abnormal (culturally defined) relativist, conventionalist Pojman- a modest objectivist, he was not an absolutist. He believed there were universally valid moral objectives but not that there were no objections. Had
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Phil 130 final review - Phil 130 final 50 questions 2/3...

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