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Anthropology 2450 Jane Fajans Spring 2009 McGraw 202 The Anthropology of Food and Cuisine Write a five – seven page paper on one of the following topics. Papers must be typed double-spaced with 1 inch margins. Please number your pages . You must cite your sources so you must have a bibliography (even if it’s just to credit your interviewees. Papers are due in class on Monday, April 20 th . 1) Find a food in a local store or market. Trace it back to its point of origin. How is this food produced, and who produces it? Research that point of origin and means of production in the library, on the web, through the distributor, etc. Discuss the way it is grown or raised, by whom, with what means of technology, feed, fertilizer, pesticides, etc. What are the intermediate steps that brought it to Ithaca?
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Unformatted text preview: How is this food distributed within the U.S. and what makes people want to consume it (health, advertising, etc.? This is called analyzing a “food chain.” Link this to discussions of political economy, means of production, ownership of production, media, etc. Consider issues of fair trade, mass production, exploitation, preservation/preparation vs. freshness, methods of transportation, distinction/status, etc. ). Make reference to ideas discussed in the readings and class (and cite these references). The following readings are good models for this paper (among others): Bestor, “How Sushi Went Global”; Michael Pollan, “Corn”; and Kaplan, “Fiji Water in Fiji and New York.” Read them before you write your paper....
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