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Full Steam Ahead - Full Steam Ahead (1) The Industrial...

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Full Steam Ahead (1) The Industrial Revolution led to urbanization, and a rapid growth of national wealth It first changed the culture of England and then the cultures of the rest of Europe and had an impact on the rest of te world. England became the most powerful nation in the world during the 1800s It became fashionable to think of non-Western cultures as being inferior and to see those cultures as useful only to serve European needs The slave trade began in the early 1500s and was still economically important through the first part of the 1800s but then declined rapidly With the invention of new machines, slaves were no longer economically important because machines could now work cheaper and faster than slaves Turned the UK from a rural nation to an urban nation People drank alcohol because it was the only safe thing to drink In IR, they began to have purified water Sewer systems made things cleaner. Yay. Europe was rapidly becoming a group of consumer nations by the mid-1800s. People with new wealth wanted to buy the “good life” government policies and laws were written to favor the new Capitalists and to justify the exploitation of people and raw materials in the many European colonies Most native cultures were now considered a nuisance unless they were consumers of new industrial goods, or worked to help fuel the European economy and the investment Capitalists Natives who resisted were now seen as standing in the way of European progress You have to encourage people to spend the money to build the machines. British government subsidized for the development of new industries. Natives were considered good for three things: labor, buying things, or nuisance Raw Materials (2) The need for raw materials played a key and very important role in fueling the expansion of European wealth and foreign colonialism The rapid expansion of the Industrial Revolution caused a quick depletion of the easy-to-recover raw materials located in most regions in Europe
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Full Steam Ahead - Full Steam Ahead (1) The Industrial...

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