Chapter 6 outline - yellow coat-color in mice pleiotropic 2 Interaction of genes in pathways biosynthetic pathways in Neurospora one gene-one

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Outline for Chapter 6 Gene interaction 1. Interactions between the alleles of a single gene - complete dominance and recessivenes - recessive mutations – wild-type allele is haplosufficient - dominant mutations – wild-type allele is haploinsufficient - incomplete dominance - complete dominance - human ABO blood groups - sickle-cell anemia (Glu 6 → Val 6 in the β -chain of hemoglobin) Hb A /Hb S - anemia or normal – complete dominance - blood-cell shape – many cells slightly sickle shaped – incomplete dominance - hemoglobin – codominance - recessive lethal alleles
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Unformatted text preview: - yellow coat-color in mice- pleiotropic 2. Interaction of genes in pathways- biosynthetic pathways in Neurospora- one gene-one enzyme hypothesis- use of mutants to determine biochemical pathways 3. Inferring gene interactions- complementation test- single trait – two genes – 9:3:3:1 dihybrid ratio – no gene interaction- Dominant epistasis (12: 3: 1)- Recessive epistasis (9: 3: 4)- Duplicate dominant genes (15: 1)- Duplicate recessive genes (9: 7)- Dominant and recessive interaction (13: 3) 4. Penetrance and expressivity...
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