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Movie Notes Capital of Israel—Jerusalem Psychological landscape of where Jews and Arabs meet Not a war over territory—a war over identity Israelites and Arabs Oslow Accord- recognized each other as legitimate national movement. Israel gave Palestinians territory; Palestinians gave Israelites security. In 2000, optimism swept away. War of 1948 —“The Catastrophe”—Jordan river to Mediterrean—One Jewish, one Arab. Jews accepted it; Arabs rejected. War began. 20% of Arabs out of Israel. Palestinians want to get back to the land of their birth; Jews want what they had in the Bible. The 2 national movements mirrors of each other. Each group has made land into an idol. Zionism- Israel’s national movements. Narrative in Bible- Israel promised to Abraham. Arabs can’t accept that a reality that has taken place.
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Unformatted text preview: Refuge camps teach that return to their land is not a fantasy but a solid objective. People (Palestinians) claim they want equality; they want the right to choose where they live. Instead of teaching them a new future, they are teaching the Palestinians the past, thus making them seek to return to the land their family once old. 1967 War- Israel struck preemptively upon hints than an attack was imminent Lands obtained in land became a “poison fruit.” During peace talks, extremists tore away middle land. Unequal power relationship 20% of on city are Arabs who didn’t flee in 1948. They are citizens who vote, but they face discrimination and poverty. Most of the Arab citizens want peace. They live in the same places, but not “together.”...
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