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What contraceptive methods do you know about? Which, to your knowledge, are most effective? Condoms, birth control pills, “the sponge things,” and Plan B (the “morning after pill), with birth control pills being the most effective What level of education do you currently have? High school diploma, some college What level of education do you plan on completing? Bachelor’s degree Do you currently live in a rural or urban setting? Urban How many children do you hope to have? 3 At what age do you see yourself getting married? 22 What age do you hope to begin having children? 26 By what age do you want to be done having children? 33 What might interfere with your ideal family size? Having multiples (twins or triplets), being sterile, death of spouse, “financial problems that make having children not feasible,” and possibly if the first or
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Unformatted text preview: second child had serious mental or physical problems What influences have there been on your family size? “Being the only child growing up in my house while having multiple older siblings, three just seems like a good medium between too much loneliness and too much chaos.” What is your religion? Christian—Baptist Do you have any reservations about utilizing methods of contraception? None at all What would you do in the case that you found yourself pregnant again after you had already attained your ideal family size? “Definitely have the baby.” Do you plan on working while raising your children? Yes, “Ideally, a part time job of some sort in which my hours are flexible so that I can care for my kids.”...
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