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HW_7 - 4 MATLAB(10 points Compute the output voltage of the...

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BME 311 Network Theory Homework #7 Due: April 1 st , 2009 Page 1 of 1 (c) John X.J. Zhang, UT Austin 1. Reading Assignment (to be tested in Quiz) Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (3 rd Ed), Alexander and Sadiku Chapter 5 2. Basic Problems (40 points) Solve the following problems from the textbook 5.8 5.10 5.15 5.25 3. Circuits in Biology (10 points) Consider Problem 3 (cardiovascular circuits) given in HW # 6, consider when the voltage source is replaced by a current source, as shown in the following figure. The blood flow rate profile using the current source is the same as that obtained when R=5/3 ohms in HW#6. Other portion of the circuit remains the same as given in HW#6, find the Norton’s equivalent circuit as seen from the lower most branch, as shown in the dotted box in the figure.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. MATLAB (10 points) Compute the output voltage of the op amp circuit below. Given that V in = sin(t) mV. Write a matlab code to plot V in and V out versus time on the same set of axes (In two periods. Specify different colors and styles in the code. Labels are required). 5. Pspice (10 points) The circuit contains an independent voltage source and a current-controlled current source. Find the Thevenin equivalent circuit with respect to R Load . Verify your analysis by comparing the voltage across R Load of the original with that of the Thevenin equivalent circuit using Pspice simulation. In this simulation R Load is set to be value when it can get the maximum power from the source, calculate the maximum power it can get. The current gain of the F source is -0.5....
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