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BME 311 Network Theory Homework #8 Due: April 8 th , 2009 Page 1 of 1 (c) John X.J. Zhang, UT Austin 1. Reading Assignment (to be tested in Quiz) Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (3 rd Ed), Alexander and Sadiku Chapter 5, 6 2. Basic Problems (50 points) Solve the following problems from the textbook 5.40 5.54 5.73 6.6 6.17 3. Circuits in Biology (10 points) Here is the program we had in Homework#4: “ Consider a two-chambered beaker, the two chambers are separated by a membrane (dimensions: 2cm x 2cm x 2 mm). On either side of the membrane there is salt solution. The concentration of salt solution in one chamber is 5M and 10M in the other. Assuming the resistivity of the membrane is equal to 6.7 x10 -2 .m, find the current across the membrane due to the flow of ions if the system is at 25
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Unformatted text preview: ˚ C.” We further found out the current flowing through the cell membrane to be 53mA in the above set-up. Now assume that in addition to resistance, the membrane also has some capacity to store charge, given by its capacitance. If the capacitance of the membrane is 7pF, find out the number of ions (not the charge) that is stored in the membrane at any given time instant. 4. MATLAB (10 points) Write a matlab script to plot the input voltage and output voltage of the Op Amp shown below. Suppose that R 1 = 2 k Ohms , R 2 = 50 k Ohms , R 3 = 30 k Ohms and v s = -4 cos (2000 t) V. And the saturation voltage is V sat =15 V, which means the absolute value of output voltage cannot exceed V sat (HINT: The output voltage become flat if it reaches saturation voltage) Vs...
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