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Theories of Crime - Theories of Crime Please give the...

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Theories of Crime Please give the underlying logic—and positive examples of the theory in operation. Use appropriate vocabulary. 1. Durkheim Strength of the social network influences crime rate. Why are homicide rates so high in the south? Maybe poverty 2. Poverty 3. Deterrence (Severity of Punishment) Warning: only works for one type of crime. Explain. Most effective against calculated crimes; least effective against heat of the moment crimes 4. Incapacitation-incarceration If you’re in prison, you can’t commit crimes. The logic is if you’ve committed one crime, you’re going to commit more, so lock those criminals up. This has the largest statistical correlations. Places with the lowest crime rates are those with the most prisons and the largest amount of the population in jail. Data shows that this is one of the most effective crime-reducing techniques. 5. Prevention/Policing The fewer police, the fewer crimes caught Clearance rates- something or another…
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