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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 340 Instructions for Articles Happy Hunting! 1. Go to OSUs library website: 2. Click on the link for Research Databases List 3. Under Find a Database, type in Psychinfo and click Find 4. Click on the first link for PsychInfo (NOT PsychInfo Historical) 5. This will take you to the PsychInfo record on OhioLink. Click on the link for PsychInfo (1967 to present) 6. This will take you to the search page for PsychInfo. Here you can enter keywords for whatever topic you would like. For example, if you are interested in deaf childrens language development, you could enter deaf language. The search engine will try to match what you entered to entries in its Thesaurus. If what you entered does not match anything exactly, you can get suggested terms from Thesaurus to see what keywords are used in PsychInfo. Alternatively, you can search your suggested terms as key words or phrases, which will give you a list of any article with those words in the subject or abstract or reference list (for example,...
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