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Syllabus WI09 - Psychology 340 Life-Span Development Winter...

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Psychology 340 Life-Span Development Winter 2009 Instructor Information Instructor: Jackie von Spiegel, M.A. Office: 46 Psychology Building Office Hours: Tuesdays 12:30-1:30 Thursdays 12:30-1:30 Also by appointment Email: [email protected] Course Information Meeting Times: MW 4:10-5:48 Location: PS 02 Call Number: 18257-8 Credits: 5 Course Description and Goals This course is designed to be a general introduction to the major topics and theories of the science of developmental psychology. The goal is to provide a basic framework for the understanding of human behavior and cognitive processes across the life-span, from conception through adulthood and to the end of life. Class time will involve explanations of selected topics from the textbook, often utilizing outside materials for elaboration and clarification of course material. Course Textbook Required Textbook: Santrock, J. W. (2008). A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development. 4 th Ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Companion Website: http://highered.mcgraw- Course Webpage The course webpage is on the Carmen website at . Here, you will find lecture notes to bring to class, fun and informative websites for extra information, important course information and announcements, handouts from class, your grades, discussion boards, a Dropbox for submitting papers, a calendar of topics and assignments, and course evaluation surveys. Please check the website daily for updates and announcements.
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Psych 340 WI09 von Spiegel Syllabus 2 Course Schedule Date Chapter Topic Due 1/5 1 Introduction & Syllabus The Life-Span Perspective 1/7 1 The Life-Span Perspective (Part 2) 1/12 2 Biological Beginnings 1/14 3 Physical Development & Biological Aging 1 st Deadline for posting on forum 1/19 Martin Luther King Day – no class 1/21 5 Motor, Sensory, & Perceptual Development 1/26 5 Motor, Sensory, & Perceptual Development (Part 2) 1/28 EC #1 2 nd Deadline for posting on forum 2/2 6 Cognitive Development 2/4 7 Information Processing 2/9 9 Language Development Article Review #1 2/11 9 Language Development (Part 2) 3 rd Deadline for posting on forum 2/16 10 Emotional Development 2/18 11 The Self, Identity, & Personality 2/23 Exam 2 (over Chapters 6-7 & 9-11) EC #2 2/25 12 Gender & Sexuality 4 th Deadline for posting on forum 3/2 14 Families, Lifestyles, & Parenting 3/4 15 Peers & the Sociocultural World 3/9 16 Schools, Achievement, & Work Article Review #2 3/11 17 Death, Dying, and Grieving 5 th Deadline for posting on forum 3/16 3:30-5:18 Exam 3 (over Chapters 12-17) EC #3 Academic Misconduct Any student suspected of committing academic misconduct in this course will be reported to the Committee on Academic Misconduct. Academic integrity is taken very seriously at Ohio State. See OSU’s policy on academic misconduct at . Physical/Learning Disabilities
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Syllabus WI09 - Psychology 340 Life-Span Development Winter...

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