Chem 121 Spinney Syllabus

Chem 121 Spinney Syllabus - Dr. Spinney 160B CE 247-6847

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Dr. Spinney Chemistry 121 MWF 10:30 – 11:18 AM 160B CE ± 247-6847 Winter Quarter 2009 1000 McPherson Lab ² Schedule of Assignments Website: Textbook: Chemistry, The Central Science (Eleventh Edition) , by Brown, LeMay, Bursten and Murphy Lab Manual: General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments, Volume 1 (2008-9) , by Casey and Tatz Lab Notebook: Student Lab Notebook , Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc. Prerequisite: One unit of high school chemistry and eligibility to enroll in Math 150. Calculator: For quizzes and examinations, the use of a calculator is restricted to a TI-30 (any, except XS Multi view), Sharp EL-509 (any), Sharp EL-531(any) or Casio FX-250 (any). No other calculators are permitted . Week of Lecture Topic Chptr Quiz Laboratory T/R T/R Jan. 5 Introduction, Units of Measurement, Significant Figures, Dimensional Analysis, Atomic Structure, Molecules & Ions, Periodic Table 1, 2 Act 1 1, Ckin Jan. 12 Formulas, Naming Inorganic Compounds, Chemical Equations & Reactions 2, 3 I 2 Jan. 19* Formula Weights, The Mole, Empirical Formulas, Reaction Stoichiometry 3, 4 II 3 Jan. 26 Electrolytes & Nonelectrolytes, Ionic Equations, Oxidation Numbers, Acid-Base & Redox Reactions, Concentration Units, Solution Stoichiometry 6 III 4 Feb. 2 Electromagnetic Radiation, The Bohr Atom, Quantum Mechanics & Orbitals, Many- Electron Atoms, Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table 6, 7 Act 2 5 FIRST MIDTERM EXAMINATION - Wednesday, February 4th, 6:30 – 7:48 PM Feb. 9 Electron Configuration & Periodic Table, The Periodic Table, Effective Nuclear Charge, Periodic Trends 7, 8 IV 6 Feb. 16 Selected Metals & Non-Metals, Lewis Symbols, Ionic & Covalent Bonding, Polarity & Electronegativity, Lewis Structures 8, 9 V 7 Feb. 23 Exceptions to the Octet Rule, Strength of Covalent Bonds, Molecular Shapes, VSEPR Model, Molecular Polarity Geometry 9 Act 3 8 SECOND MIDTERM EXAMINATION - Wednesday, February 25th, 6:30 – 7:18 PM Mar. 2 Hybrid Orbitals, Multiple Bonds, Molecular Orbital Theory, Energy & Enthalpy 9, 5 VI 9, FCO Mar. 9 Thermochemical Equations, Calorimetry, Hess’s Law, Enthalpies of Formation 5 Act 4 10 FINAL EXAMINATION - Thursday, March 19th, 9:30 – 11:18 AM * January 19 th is a University holiday. No classes will be held. University offices are closed. ** CKIN = Check-in. SFU = Significant Figures & Units (pg 33). FCO = Finish, Check-Out. x = lab closed. Lab Reports for Expts. 1 through 5 will not be accepted after Friday, February 27 th . (See reverse for late penalty details.) All other Lab Reports are due no later than 4:30 PM, Friday, March 13 th . (See reverse for late penalty details.) MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE : Due to the potentially dangerous nature of laboratory work, you are reminded to maintain medical insurance coverage through OSU health service or a private agency when enrolling in Chemistry laboratory courses. ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT
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Chem 121 Spinney Syllabus - Dr. Spinney 160B CE 247-6847

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