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Fertility and Population - Lauren Chambers Dr. Cohn SOCI...

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Lauren Chambers Dr. Cohn SOCI 205-970 17 March 2008 Population and Fertility Causal Diagram All of the variables listed in the above causal diagram contribute the fertility of a given sample. Fertility of a population may decline when some of these variables take on specific values. When there is widespread knowledge and availability of effective contraception; higher levels of education and secularization; higher ages of unions and menarche; use of contraceptives which are effective; higher rates of permanent celibacy, voluntary and involuntary abstinence, voluntary and involuntary infecundity, or voluntary and involuntary fetal mortality, the fertility of a population may decline. QuickTime, and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.
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Interview 1. What contraceptive methods do you know about? Which, to your knowledge, are most effective? Condoms, birth control pills, “the sponge things,” and Plan B (the “morning after pill), with birth control pills being the most effective 2. What level of education do you currently have? High school diploma, some college 3. What level of education do you plan on completing? Bachelor’s degree 4. Do you currently live in a rural or urban setting? Urban 5. At what age did menarche begin? 12 6. How many children do you hope to have? 3 7. At what age do you see yourself getting married? 22 8. What age do you hope to begin having children? 26 9. By what age do you want to be done having children? 33 10. What might interfere with your ideal family size? Having multiples (twins or triplets), being sterile, death of spouse, “financial problems
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Fertility and Population - Lauren Chambers Dr. Cohn SOCI...

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