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Unformatted text preview: Math 148 Final Exam Topics • • Mid‐point and Distance Formula Using the calculator to solve equations o Root method o Intersection Method o Hybrid Method Application Problems o First Degree o Second Degree o Max/Min Functions o Find the Domain and Range o Piecewise‐defined Functions Significant Figures o Know the definition and how to round Logarithmic and Exponential Functions o Graphs o Properties of both Exponents and Logarithms o Domain and Range o Solving Equations Logarithmic and Exponential Applications o o nt ⎛ r⎞ A= P⎜ 1+ ⎟ ⎝ n⎠ f (t ) = Pert • • • • • • • • • o f ( x ) = Pa x o Decibel and Richter Scale Problems o Limited or Inhibited Growth Problems Variation o Direct o Inverse o Joint Circular Sectors o Arclength o Area o Central Angle Triangles o Similar Triangles o Right Triangle Trigonometry o Law of Sines o Law of Cosines Labs 1. Degree of the polynomial end‐behavior, # of roots, # of factors 2. Quadratic Equations Finding the equation using vertex or root form 3. 4. Exponential Equations Finding the equation using f ( x ) = Pa x or f (t ) = Pert Solving Triangles Law of Sines ...
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