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Criminology Notes - Criminology Bureau of Criminal Justice...

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Unformatted text preview: Criminology Bureau of Criminal Justice Statistics- Blows out almost all serious stereotypes on how crime works Source today: Americans live in one of the safest times It wasnt always this safe! Lets go into some history. Norms were once very different. In Middle Ages, pirates were the norm. The ocean ways and the roads were filled with people who made their living by picking off people and taking their possessions. There was a slave trade. Piracy was concentrated around the Mediterranean, the Sea of Gibraltar, where the Persian Golf opens into the ocean, and around Singapore/Indonesia. Think about the Arabian Nights and the basic principles of the stories and of Sinbad. He makes 7 voyages, and before each voyage, hes warned how dangerous it will be Each voyage, he loads his boat up with goods, and each voyage, he loses his boat and everything. The Wild West was a variation on what had been a rule rather than an exception of what had been going on all over the world for ages. Ted Gurr- Study of homicides in Engalnd and Wales. Starting at 1200, there was long-term, consistent, swift decline of homicides, then substantial decline later in 19 th century. What caused declines? Late 19 th century, beginning of police forces. Youre no longer your own police force, own army. You do and will expect to fight. Thats why you carry a sword! Basic rise of state as essential form of government, rise of protection mechanism, rise of courts to adjudicate disputesall of these cause decrease in crime. Crime pretty much has a sine curve, and it doesnt go up and down with economic crises. Homicides are pretty much the only crimes that are accurately recorded. Theyre just too big to hide. Most crimes are not reported. Whether or not something (like a fight) becomes a crime depends on someone calling it into the police. Rape- 10-15 years ago, women were often the victim of unwanted sex which went unreported, partially because male police officers were assholes, theyd have to go into court where they would be humiliated. Or they would feel bad for letting themselves get into such a situation, and thus would not report the crime. Changes in rape statistics overwhelming reform of what people consider rape. Differences in rape statistics dont show an increase in rape, but an increase in reporting the crime....
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Criminology Notes - Criminology Bureau of Criminal Justice...

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