Homeric Hymns to Demeter and Apollo

Homeric Hymns to Demeter and Apollo - The Greek Gods The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Greek Gods The Greek Gods Sources: Homer: Iliad, Odyssey Hesiod: Theogony; Works and Days Homeric Hymns Represented as a Family – descent Titans v. Olympians Chart of the Greek Gods * *Aphrodite’s birth will be different in the Theogony Hymn to Demeter Hymn to Demeter Hades Zeus Demeter Who is Demeter? Sister/wife of Zeus Persephone Mother of Persephone Goddess of Agriculture Another ‘Mother Earth’ Figure (Gaia, Rhea) Father of the Bride Father of the Bride Everything happens according to the plan of Zeus Demeter’s search for Persephone Hekate, Helios The Deathless? Gods The Deathless? Gods What does it mean for Persephone to be in the Underworld? Demeter tests the boundaries of mortality The return of Persephone – by whose will? Demophoon (Ambrosia and Nectar c.f. Apollo) Famine Red Figure 440-430 BC New Relationships New Relationships Establishment of Eleusinian Mysteries Triptolemus, Polyxenos, Diocles ‘blessed is he of men on earth who has beheld them’ (479) 5th Century Relief National Archaeological Museum of Athens Telesterion Apollo Apollo God of: Archery (plague; Iliad) Lyre (Hermes) Prophesy Two Parts to Poem Delos – Birth Delphi ­ Oracle Delos ­ Birth Delos ­ Birth Leto searches for a place to give birth Delos agree – requires oath Eileithyia, the birth goddess is held back by Hera Delphi – Founding the Oracle Delphi – Founding the Oracle Telphousa Python Hera: Typhaon Delphi ­ Oracle Delphi ­ Oracle Cretan Sailors Human concerns or divine? Pythia ...
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