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Homer's Odyssey 2 - Lovely Ladies Wednesday July 9 Hero’s...

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Unformatted text preview: Lovely Ladies Wednesday, July 9 Hero’s Journey Monsters Beautiful women Katabasis: descent into the underworld Tasks and struggles Motifs Lost hero, storm Tests someone well­disposed or is tested by someone hostile Sacrifice or banquet Hero betrayed or overcome Special weapon or helper Motifs continued Recognition Purification Fulfillment of prophecy Girl and/or treasure Celebration In Pylos with Nestor Telemachus questions Nestor about his father’s death More interested in where he died than where he is Telemachus and Memory “That’s why I’ve come to plead before you now, if you can tell me about his cruel death . . . Remember his story now, tell me the truth.” (3.101 ff.) In Sparta Telemachus is recognized Sharing of stories He receives a gift from Menelaus Helen and Menelaus Helen’s drugs Helen’s story Menelaus’ stories – Her encounter with Odysseus at Troy – Trojan Horse – Proteus in Egypt The Stories of Menelaus and The Odysseus Odysseus Menelaus A storm Phrontis dies mysteriously Spends seven years in Egypt Acquires wealth in Egypt Odysseus A storm Elpenor dies unexpectedly Spends seven years on Calypso’s island Acquires wealth in Phaeacia Menelaus and Odysseus continued Menelaus Egypt, a far­off land Egypt, a fantastical world Drugs of Helen Helen tempted by Paris Odysseus Calypso’s island, an inaccessible place The wanderings of Od. Lotus, drugs of Circe Penelope tempted by suitors Menelaus and Odysseus continued Eidothea Pharos Hiding in the Trojan Horse, he emerges to attack Troy – Proteus – seals Circe Cyclops’ cave Disguised as a beggar, he sneaks into his home to attack the suitors – Polyphemus – sheep Agamemnon Parallels with Menelaus and Odysseus: – Thwarted in his nostos (both) – Returns home to trouble (Od) – Clytemnestra tempted in Agm’s absence (both) – Aegisthus kills him when he returns – Orestes comes disguised as a messenger to avenge Agm’s death (both) Calypso Offers Odysseus immortality Hermes brings message that she must release Odysseus Why doesn’t Odysseus want to stay with her? Ino’s Veil Ino feels sorry for Odysseus and lends him her scarf for protection Nausicaa Athena mentions her impending marriage (6.30) Mentions future husband (6.270) Odysseus mentions her marriage (6.172) Nausicaa continued What she’s worried about (6.302 ff.) Compared to Artemis, a huntress To Odysseus she and her girlfriends sound like nymphs Throw off their veils Nausicaa and Penelope Preoccupied with marriage Are drawn to Odysseus First meeting with Od brought about by Athena Hate their suitors Forgetting With Calypso Odysseus risks losing his kleos With Nausicaa Odysseus risks losing his nostos Odysseus and the Phaeacians Athena surrounds Od. in a mist and leads him to the palace. King Alcinous and Queen Arete Games and contests Feasting Demodocus sings Books 9­12 = Odysseus’ narrative in one big flashback ...
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