diplomatic a leader through consensus rather than

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Unformatted text preview: n persuasive eloquence.” (p.134) Is he . . . Is he . . . Less heroic Jealous Only second best Confused and timid Reliant on a woman Or is he . . . Or is he . . . Diplomatic A leader through consensus rather than force Believable and lifelike One of us? The Mission The Mission What is the point of obtaining the fleece? Jason regarding Medea: “You too must cherish her: she is the true savior of Achaea and yourselves.” (p.152) Jason: “Remember, we hold the future of our children, our dear country, and our aged parents in our hands. Hellas depends on us. We can plunge her into grief; we can bring her glory.” (p.152) Women and the Argonauts Women and the Argonauts Jason: “How bleak the prospect is, with our one hope of seeing home again in women’s hands!” (p.122) Idas: “For shame! Have we come here to trot along with women, calling on Aphrodite to support us, instead of the mighty god of battle?” (p.124) Women continued Women continued Heracles: “Are we really content to stay and cultivate the soil of Lemnos? We shall get no credit, I assure you, by shutting ourselves up with a set of foreign women a...
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