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140 for the background on the teeth a race of

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Unformatted text preview: ll this time.” (p.59) Aphrodite Aphrodite Hera asks Aphrodite for help (cf. Iliad 14, Aeneid 4) Aphrodite has Eros shoot an arrow at Medea The Test The Test Aided by Medea Jason must yoke Aeetes’ fire­breathing oxen and sow a field with dragon’s teeth (see p.140 for the background on the teeth) A race of earthborn men spring up, whom he must kill The Golden The Golden Fleece The Argonauts steal the fleece with Medea’s help The Argonautica and the Aeneid The Jason and the Argonauts marvel at Aeetes’ palace (cf. Aeneas and Carthage) Chalciope supplies the pretense for Medea’s fulfillment of her desires Aeneas envies the rising towers of Carthage Anna validates and encourages Dido’s desires The Argonautica and the Aeneid The Jason assures Medea he will never forget her Medea contemplates killing herself Aeneas tells Dido he will not forget her Dido does kill herself Medea Medea Worshipper of Hecate Powerful sorceress Ruthless plotter and murderer Innocent virgin? Kleos and the T...
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