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Unformatted text preview: Heroes and Hubris Wednesday, August 13 Perseus Son of Danae and Zeus, who came to D. in the form of a shower of gold Medusa’s Head How Perseus acquired it Pegasus born from the blood Serpents born from the drops that fell over Libya (remember Mopsus) Etiology for coral Minerva’s aegis Medusa’s Head How she came to have snakes for hair Raped by Poseidon in Minerva’s temple Beauty and monstrosity Atlas Forced to hold up the sky Prophecy about golden fruit Also part of Hercules’ twelve labors Turned into stone by Perseus Etiology Andromeda Daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia A. must pay the penalty for her mother’s bragging Object of love for Perseus Hercules Birth of Heracles Mother = Alcmene Father = Zeus disguised as Almene’s husband Amphytrion Juno sends serpents to his cradle, but Hercules strangles them Achelous River god Suitor of Deianira Rival of Hercules Shape-shifter Loses his horn > cornucopia Achelous’ Speech Achelous as orator A god shouldn’t yield to a mortal Juno doesn’t hate me Adultery of Hercules’ mother Nessus Offers to take Deianira across the river Hercules shoots an arrow through his back Offers bloodied shirt to Deianira as a love potion Lernaean Hydra Remember Hercules’ arrow are tipped with the toxic blood of the Lernaean hydra Deianira Hears a rumor that Hercules, who is away, is in love with someone else Sends the poisoned shirt Philoctetes Has Philoctetes help him build a pyre Subject of tragedies (Remember Philoctetes killed Paris) Philoctetes continued Festering wound on his foot As a result, he is exiled Bow and arrows of Heracles Marsyas Challenges to a flute competition, judged by the Muses Flayed alive Apollo Arachne Challenges Minerva/Pallas to a weaving contest No flaw in her work Tries to hang herself Turned into a spider Minerva’s Tapestry The twelve gods Four mortals who dared compete with the gods Arachne’s tapestry Affairs of the gods Jupiter’s conquests: – Europa – Alcmene – Danae – Prosepine Neptune Phoebus Niobe Mentioned by Achilles in the Iliad Speech about why she should be worshipped Apollo and Diana kill all 14 of her children Icarus Leaves Crete with his father Daedalus Ignores Daedalus’ warning and flies too close to the sun Cf. Phaethon Midas Bacchus offers to grant him a gift of his choice Midas wants everything he touches to be turned into gold Later changed into an ass after the judgment of Pan and Phoebus Dark gifts Bacchus grants Midas’ wish = a “baneful gift” Phoebus and Phaethon Zeus and Semele When humans get to choose anything they want, it often ends in disaster “So blind are men, regarding what is truly to their advantage.” Other Dark Gifts Medusa’s a gift Deianira’s gift of Nessus’ shirt to Hercules Hercules praying to Juno: “This [taking my soul] will be your gift to me – a fitting one for a stepmother to bestow.” head to Atlas described as ...
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