He's Just Not That Into You

goats birds happy creatures who are permitted

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Unformatted text preview: ated to him by birth, Oceanus married Tethys, and the ruler of Olympus took Juno for his wife. But the gods have their own laws: what is the use of trying to relate human conduct to the ways of heaven, when they are governed by different rules.” different HJNTIY If He’s Your Dad HJNTIY Cinyras and Myrrha Orpheus = narrator Myrrha falls in love with Myrrha her father her With the aid of her nurse, With she becomes his mistress mistress Transforms into a myrrh Transforms tree tree Birth of Adonis Myrrha on Human Law Myrrha “No fault can be found with this kind of love on the No grounds that such affection is unnatural, for other animals mate without any discrimination; there is no shame for a heifer in having her father mount her, a horse takes his own daughter to wife . . . Goats . . . Birds . . . Happy creatures, who are permitted such conduct! Human interference has imposed such spiteful laws, so that jealous regulations forbid what nature i...
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