He's Just Not That Into You

Hes just not that into you

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Unformatted text preview: He’s Just Not That Into You You Tuesday, August 12 He’s just not that into you if . . . into He’s not calling you He’s not dating you He’s not having sex He’s with you with He’s having sex He’s with someone else with He only wants to He see you when he’s drunk drunk He’s just not that into you if . . . He’s He doesn’t want to marry you He’s breaking up with you He’s disappeared on you He’s married (and other insane versions of He’s being unavailable) being He’s a selfish jerk, a bully, or a really big He’s freak freak Ovid’s Love Poetry Ovid’s Amores The Art of Love (Ars Amatoria) The Book 3 – love advice for women Cures for Love (Remedia Amoris) On Women’s Cosmetics On Jilted Ladies We’ve Seen So Far Jilted Ariadne Dido Medea HJNTIY If He’s Into Himself HJNTIY Echo and Narcissus Ovid combines these two Ovid naturally compatible myths myths Narcissus is completely Narcissus preoccupied with himself preoccupied Echo has no sense of Echo self – she is merely a reflection of others reflection Echo and Narcissus Echo Book 3 -- Thebes Book Cadmus Founding of Thebes Actaeon Juno and Semele Narcissus Pentheus Context of the Narcissus Tale Context Founding of Thebes by Founding Cadmus Cadmus Chthonic ties Tiresias story as a segue Tiresias is a very loose connection is House of Laius missing in House this anthology this Narcissus as Oedipus Story of Oedipus Story Sophocles’ tra...
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