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Bugs Debate: Pro: Insects are an important source of food in many societies throughout the world. Many are toxic – Places that most commonly eat insects are underdeveloped nations that choose insects because they are cheap and can be collected in large groups. Although insects are cheap, many insects are toxic. In eating bugs, one takes a huge risk as he or she is unable to determine whether or not the insect is toxic and/or has been infected with disease. It is important to know which insects are used for food and how they are being prepared. Other cheap and readily available food sources include forms of grasses and plants. These better alternatives add fiber and bulk to one’s diet. The amount of people worldwide who rely on bugs as a primary meal is minimal and it is not a significant amount of the world's population. Pro: Insects provide some important products and they were the first source of certain kinds of dyes, sweeteners (honey), and waxes. Insect infest products like grain, flour, cheese, and chocolate. Food factories, bakeries,
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