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INTERNAL FACTORS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Management -Full commitment of partners and staff - Difficult for manager to divide time amongst all the stores. Product mix -Sandwiches and Subs -Convenience Store Items - Fruits Marketing Strategy -Involved with and supports athletic events - Uses citybucks -Website -Not enough advertising to the public Quality -Fresh baked bread -Sandwiches made to order -Convenience items not up to par with respect to the sandwiches Distribution -Easy to use order sheets -Ownership of the hot truck -No delivery -No online ordering Facilities - Large square footage -Poor layout of store - No seating Location -Easily visible from road -Inconvenient for college
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Unformatted text preview: students-Limited parking EXTERNAL FACTORS OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Current Customers-Use brand loyalty to expand to more locations-Creating more stores takes away from Shortstops one of a kind appeal.-With new stores, profits will be taken away from the Seneca Street Deli. Prospective Customers- With more convenient locations, management will be able to reach the College student market.- Adding coffee and ice cream service centers will attract more customers for desert.-Successful establishments in the Ithaca areas -Convenience and quality of on-campus dining Economic Environment-Expanding healthy food market.-Poor state of the economy....
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